Men unveiled


Does this sound too aggressive for you? There is one more thing to mention then. It will be useful for you: It is about why men are not talkative. Have you ever seen a war movie? Well, if you have seen that, you may have understood that in some situations making noise can be mortal, while having a friend near relieves us from our fears. Now you can understand why we can feel accompanied with the guys, even when we are silently watching the game on TV. Being close to one another is more than enough for us. Showing something else (that is, showing ourselves emotional like you do), would be a synonym of weakness, and that would trigger the chain of thoughts I mentioned in the previous page.

Now that you have understood the basics of men behavior, girls, probably you would like to know more about our relationship with you, while answering some of the questions we know you usually do.

Men and women

What do we want from you?

Photograph by Steve Punter

If you really read what I wrote above, maybe you have understood that a man's world is, though silent, not easy. I mean, you must always be ready to show yourself strong, powerful, manly if you do not want to end smashed (even literally) against a wall. However, we have a weak, sweet and tender side which we cannot let out before any man —if you have ever seen how a boy hugs, kisses, and treats his mother, you already know what I am talking about.

Why do we focus so much in your bodies?

I could simply say that it is because instinct commands us, but I know this answer will not leave you satisfied. In my humble opinion, this question can have several explanations. One could be the fact that we think that a woman who shows she cares for her body will more likely show she cares for my children in the future, too. A woman who doesn't, seems to be less reliable. You are right: reality shows that many times the most beautiful girls are many times the most spoiled selfish 'canines' available on Earth, but anyway, focusing on your bodies just gives us a first impression.

Another option could be our nearly-animal obsession for fertility. We will like a woman with firm hips and large breasts because they will appear more fertile and stronger to give us children in the future.

Anyway, the third theory is that we are like big kids and we are curious for those parts of your bodies we do not have. It is like saying: Look as those "milk factories"... They look so round and firm... mm... Are they really so round and firm? I want to see if my theory is right... Can I touch, p-l-e-a-s-e, just a second? =P (Really! It's something like that!)

Or maybe a mix of those three...

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